Sunday, March 29, 2009

"a lay of the land" returns!

So... I took a couple months off. No big deal. We're back. I'm not going to make excuses on why I was gone for so long. The reason why was simply that I needed time. Blogging daily is frightfully hard to do. Which is why we have a change in format for "a lay of the land". Starting next week, I'm going to do only weekly updates. One post per week, that is unless I find myself with way more time, however unlikely.

Each week, I'm either going to focus on one item (for example, next week is going to be a solid review of Richard Ford's
Women With Men), or a whole bunch of small to medium things, like little reviews. I want to get back into reviewing things. I forgot how much I liked doing that.

What this blog is probably not going to do is try and find filler posts, or have low content mode where I post funny pictures or some shit I find in the hazy atmospheres of the internet.

I can't promise that every week will have a post, but Sunday night or Monday night should have a post. I'm going to do that, and hopefully when I have more time in the summer, I will post more frequently.

Okay, thanks for reading, as always. I'll see you next week.