Sunday, November 8, 2009

Central Canada Comic Con

For my birthday, my girlfriend got us weekend passes to the Central Canada Comic Convention held here in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada. This was her first Comic Con ever, and I was filled with excitement and anticipation. What kind of crazy costumes would we see? Who would be too large to fit into her Harley Quinn outfit? All these questions and more plagued me....

On Saturday, we marched from our apartment to the Convention Centre, and immediately, I saw a Klingon having a cigarette outside the building. Yes, it's going to be that kind of Con, huh?

With our weekend passes, we got a goodie bag filled with a free comic, some temporary tattoos, buttons, and coupons coupons coupons. Lots of 'em. The free comic my g/f got was a Jeph Loeb Red Hulk comic. I advised her to chuck it.

We wondered around and saw the Batmobile, the Ecto 1 that I saw at the last Con, and we got glimpses of Adam West and Julie Newmar (who looks like she's had "some work" done, if you know what I mean).

I met Marv Wolfman and asked him about the scriptwriting process for New Teen Titans. I met Joe Rubenstein and he almost yelled at me for commenting that Starlin draws small faces. He thought I said "weak faces".

When I went up to Rodney Ramos, I asked him why Darick Robertson's pencils on the Boys are so rough whereas his pencils on Transmetropolitan are cleaner. Ramos exclaimed loudly that its his doing and that Robertson hates when Ramos inks over his stuff. Robertson apparently likes the rough style and disapproves of the cleaner lines that Ramos gives. On top of that, for the Fury: Peacemaker miniseries with Ennis, Ramos had to redraw some Robertson figures because he couldn't be bothered with character models or face consistency. Ha!

I picked up the complete run of Tom Strong for 50 dollars even. As well as Sebastian O by Grant Morrison and finally, the last piece of the Ennis puzzle, I got The Punisher: The End, the only issue I didn't have of his. I also grabbed the 2 Disc Special Edition of Spielberg's Munich, an edition that is not available in Canada!

We also picked up some prints by Tommy Castillo who signed them, and my g/f picked up an autographed photo of Steppenwolf for her dad. All in all it was a good haul.

We also saw Klingon belly dancers. It was gross.

Here are some pictures to finish off the tale....

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