Thursday, February 18, 2010

A new Bret Easton Ellis novel?

Yes, it appears Bret Easton Ellis has scheduled for publication his seventh novel. It's called Imperial Bedrooms, and it is a sequel to his first novel, Less Than Zero. Here is the synopsis and the cover art.
The book is expected to focus on Clay as a middle-aged screenwriter drawn back into his old circle, where Blair has become married to Trent and Julian has become a high-class pimp and Rip is into even more sinister activities. Amidst this, Clay begins dating a young actress with mysterious ties to Julian, Rip and a recently-murdered Hollywood producer and his life begins to spin out of control.

Huh. I'm not sure if I'm interested in this. Of course I will read it. Of course I will buy it in hardcover. But I'm not sure. I absolutely adore Lunar Park. I thought it was a great postmodern ghost story, and seemingly, the end of an era for Ellis. For him to return to the same story of 25 years ago is unsettling. Is there no growth for you, Ellis? That's my big fear. However, Less Than Zero is a tremendous novel. The tone and voice are perfect. Perhaps Imperial Bedrooms will be good. I hope so, considering that cover is godawful. 

Check back here come May of 2010 for my review.

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