Saturday, February 20, 2010

Random Thoughts

Here is a collection of random things, none of which I want to examine in a whole post.

I saw Shutter Island last night. This is the fourth collaboration between Leonardo DiCaprio and Martin Scorsese, to me, a very fruitful friendship. Does the newest film hold up to the standard set by The Departed or The Aviator? No, but it's damn close. Shutter Island is a fantastic Hitchcockian thriller, with a great soundtrack (by Robbie Robertson!), a great cast, and some amazing virtuoso camera work by one of the masters. I thoroughly enjoyed, however... I wish I hadn't read the book by Lehane before. I wish I could've enjoyed the new Scorsese movie as a new experience. The book is good, but the movie appears better. It's hard to separate them. Perhaps in a few weeks, I'll revisit some classic Scorsese movies and a few I haven't seen, and do some reviews. Spoiler alert: The Color of Money is one of Scorsese's best, and most underrated.

Peter Gabriel's new album is an excellent concept. One CD of covers by Gabriel of songs he likes, and another forthcoming CD of covers of Gabriel songs by those artists he covered. The first release is called "Scratch my Back" and the second is "I'll Scratch Yours". I'm most looking forward to Paul Simon's cover of Biko. Not only is Biko one of my favourite songs ever, but Paul Simon is one of my favourite artists ever. As for the album itself? Gabriel's covers are static and unemotional.

Did you know that the Australians call ketchup "dead horse"? That's fascinating. Why do they do it? Rhyming slang, the best of all slangs. Tomato sauce (in Aussie accent) rhymes with dead horse. Don't ask me explain how that works. But it's great.

Here's a fascinating article on Slate about Canada's aggressive campaign to procure more gold medals than ever. It's written from an outsider's perspective, which I rarely get unless it's from the UK. Typically, The British press are hounding us for our taking advantage of home turf, but if it isn't Prince Harry or Becks/Posh, the British press is complaining.

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