Sunday, March 14, 2010

Dear Penguin Books,

Dear Penguin Books,

Did you know that you are the current reigning champ as greatest publisher of books. When I go to a bookstore, used or new, I search for that orange or black or silver spine. I search for that little penguin symbol. Not only do you often print the finest literature known to mankind, but you also print the most handsome, and most unified books, so that they always look handsome on a shelf. As well, your books are often edited carefully by experts on the work itself, and have illuminating and clear introductions by scholars or other writers. Here are some examples of lovely Penguin Books that I own, that you've published, that I cherish. This represents medium size selection of all the Penguins I own, and an excellent panorama of the variety of designs, all handsome.

Click each one to embiggen

So, Penguin Books, you see that I am in love with you. Frankly, of all the books I've bought in the past year, you have sheer dominance over all other publishers. Your books are often cheap when purchased at used outlets. They're far too attractive to ignore.

Please keep publishing such fantastic books. I'm sure you will.


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