Tuesday, March 9, 2010

I want a Kindle. Right now.

I want a Kindle. Right now. Here's some reasons why

I could get the complete works of certain classic authors for like 10 dollars. Bunch of books by Dickens, under 10 bucks? Yes please. D. H. Lawrence? 15 books for under 5 bucks!

New releases and tons of other books are about 10 dollars. New hardcovers in physical form, however, are 30 to 40 dollars. That's huge!

The screen, which I was worried would be hard to read, uses crazy future technology to simulate the look of real paper!

Also, Kindles support local library systems (not in Canada yet, but soon), so I can take out ebooks the library has in stock.

Dear Santa, I want a Kindle for Christmas, Love Matthew.

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