Tuesday, March 16, 2010

New Computer (sorta)

So my PC was a Frankenstein, made up of spare parts, and it was 9 years old! That's ancient in the computer world. I took it in to get repaired, and all the parts they had in stock wouldn't fit because my tower is so old. Ultimately, they fashioned me a new Frankenstein, which will last until I can afford a nice new Macintosh. This new computer has a better video card, a stronger processor, a DVD burner (which I was lacking), and all the ports are USB 2.0, while the old one only had some 2's and some 1's. I'm very excited and have been playing with the machine all day. Yay! Check back later for more content.

And, for your enjoyment, which has nothing to do with computers, is a funny dance from The Mighty Boosh

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