Saturday, July 3, 2010

New discoveries

Here are a couple YouTube videos I've discovered, or been recommended, that I thought were frigging awesome.

Stornoway playing their song I Saw You Blink, part of the Watchlistentell series. Recommended to me by a fellow blogger, booya.

Here's Stornoway's lead single Zorbing (whatever that means) that has an amazing feel to it.

Pomplamoose doing their amazing cover of September. Nataly, the singer, has this amazing old-sounding voice, but I'm pretty sure she's younger than I am.

This girl has done some wonderful covers, but this one is just an improvement over the original, Baby by Justin Bieber, by far. Her voice is far more powerful, and her minimalist arrangements highlight the structural beauty of the song.

Bon Iver's cover of Peter Gabriel's Come Talk To Me, one of my favourite songs of all time. This is part of Gabriel's cover series, which is producing interesting results.

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