Friday, September 17, 2010

I had the nerdiest dream...

...last night, and I wanted to preserve for all time. I don't normally share this kind of thing, but this was just so nerdy. In the dream, I'm tasked with hunting down this thing, this entity, I'm not really sure what or even why. But to hunt it down, I had to follow it into virtual reality, using those old school virtual reality goggles. As I put the goggles on, the facilitator of the v/r tools gave me instructions on how to hunt him down, and the number one rule was not to fall asleep. Of course, within the dream, I fell asleep and entered what I thought was virtual reality. Once I woke up - in the dream - I couldn't figure out whether it was virtual reality or reality. Then for a brief moment before I woke up into the real world, I wasn't even sure if the v/r goggles were simulating dreaming. All within a dream.

To sum up, my dream simulated the effect of dreaming, and nested them in unreal worlds. 

Is that too nerdy?

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