Friday, September 24, 2010

I've been playing a lot of Chess recently...

...and I still suck a lot. The last time I played a lot of chess it was against my girlfriend who soundly beat me three times in a row. I felt the sting of that for awhile. But then I got my new laptop, and it comes with Chess Titans. This renewed my interest in chess. I still suck, but I've probably played at least three or four games a day! Inspired by this rejuvenated recreation, I decided to look at a couple books that involve chess... books I intend to read in the next couple weeks.

The Luzhin Defence by Vladimir Nabokov
A chess grandmaster falls apart due to his obsession with chess. One of Nabokov's obsessions was chess, and he imbued this novel with lots of technical knowledge. Plus, his trademark style and wit.

The Flander's Panel by Arturo Perez-Reverte
I tried reading this a long time ago, and gave up if only because of the chess. I really like art history and chess and mysteries, so for somebody to combine them all... that sounds good to me. I've read a couple of his other novels, but that was a long time ago, and I don't trust my opinion from then.

The Eight by Katherine Neville
This is another book that I tried reading a long time ago, but gave up.... Now that I've read Name of the Rose and bested that titan, I think I can handle this. Although I've heard it's rather Dan Brown-esque, which fills me with loathing. Not a good attitude to take when starting a novel

I'm in college for computer programming right now, and I've been studying a lot of math and logic. One of my course is an introduction to logical reasoning, eg. logic gates (I've also taken binary and octal and hexadecimal numbers, but that's not related). My girlfriend has also experienced increased admiration for chess, so she's been playing too.

I'll keep you in the loop in regards to my reading! Tonight, at work, I think I'm going to barrel through The Flander's Panel and finish it in one night. But I am 130 pages from the end of Clara Callan(uhhh it's okay) and about 80 pages into Styron's Lie Down in Darkness (which so far is amazing).

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