Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Two movie reviews

Here's a couple short movie reviews for you. Nothing too intense, as the films weren't complex enough to merit an analysis.

Piranha 3D
I don't care what anyone has to say about this movie. The g/f and I were sort of excited to see this movie because it just looked so ridiculous as to be awesome. Alexandre Aja is one of our favourite people in the horror genre, and we hadn't been terribly disappointed yet. We went into the theatre with the expectations that we would see some great 3D effects, a terrible story, awful characters, and more tits and gore than you could shake a fist at. Luckily, every single one of our expectations were exceeded. The sheer amount of T&A and gore was unreal, so much that it looped from "bad" to "f*%&ing awesome" very quickly. The movie didn't take itself seriously in the slightest (see the extended nude underwater ballet for proof positive) and held itself to the trappings of the genre enough. However, a criticism: the proposed origin of the piranhas is so scientifically inaccurate that the g/f and I kept making nerd jokes about how wrong the movie got it. Other than that, and a couple other glaring misuse of physics, we enjoyed it thoroughly.

On the flipside is this movie. Easily one of the most unfunny comedies I've ever seen in my entire life. Every single joke was delivered as if it was the only joke in the world - jokes went one way past the logical end point, similar to SNL sketches themselves. This was a great looking, but terrible movie. I don't think I laughed more than five times, and a constant straight face was held by both the g/f and I. We hated this movie. The entire movie rests on a parody of MacGyver, which the whole setup of that show is his ability to make weapons and gadgets out of things found around him. MacGruber, on the other hand, does this joke once in the entire movie, which leads me to believe that the film-makers missed the point entirely.

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