Monday, February 28, 2011

Where's the love for Toy Story 3?

Another year has gone by, and another opportunity for the Oscars to be relevant has been missed. I didn't watch the Oscars last night. Why bother? It's a boring spectacle of poorly written jokes, celebrities hamming it up for the cameras and constant self-satisfaction at another year, another job well done, another billion dollars in the pockets of the investors.

But this year, I'm actually mad. The King's Speech, a drab, unnecessary, poorly-directed movie swept the Oscars, getting Best Picture, Best Director and Best Actor. Only one of those awards are justified.

I've written over a thousand words about how I dislike The King's Speech, and the more time goes on, the more that dislike turns into loathing. At this point, I loathe that movie. I have very few fond memories of watching it.

A movie that sticks in my mind, with more force than any other movie of 2010 was Toy Story 3. It is, unquestionably, a perfect movie. It was nominated for Best Picture, and there was no chance of it winning. Not at all. It's only the third animated film to be nominated for Best Picture, with the other two being Beauty and the Beast and Up.

Let's use some data here. The scores assembled by Rotten Tomatoes for The King's Speech put it at about 95 percent. The overview says that Firth's performance is masterful, but the story is predictable and yet stylish.

Well... stylish is one way of putting Tom Hooper's bizarre camera angles and forced perspectives of big heads.

Now, Toy Story 3 on the other hand sits comfortably at 99 percent. The overview says "Deftly blending comedy, adventure, and honest emotion, Toy Story 3 is a rare second sequel that really works".

So why is there no major love for Toy Story 3, one of the highest rated films of the year?

Because it's an animated kid's movie. The Academy tends to reward stuffy period dramas than comedies, horror or genre fiction. The Return of the King is one of the few exceptions. Otherwise, Best Picture winners are dramas that showcase dramatic acting. Almost as if drama is of higher quality than comedy or adventure. It's more serious and more adult.

Bullshit. If Toy Story 3 didn't bring you to tears, or close to tears, during the climax, then you have no emotions. There was more feeling and more maturity in the last twenty minutes of Toy Story 3 than the entire running time of The King's Speech.

Toy Story 3 says something profound and universal about growing up and leaving childish things behind. The King's Speech says something about how when you're rich and an outdated figurehead for a setting empire, with daddy issues because you're rich, then you can overcome them with the help of a quirky Australian.

They've given some serious awards to some questionable people and movies before, but this time, the Academy has lost me for good. How can I take them seriously when they won't take all movies seriously?

This isn't just a case of how my favourite movie was snubbed. I hate the winner as much as I love the loser. This is also a matter of mass delusion. Has anybody even fucking watched The King's Speech? There's no fucking way on Earth that Hooper deserved Best Director! It might be one of the most poorly shot movies I've ever seen. I Spit On Your Grave had better direction and better cinematography.

I mean, really!

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