Friday, March 25, 2011

Great news

An article I wrote about the quality of teaching at Red River College is going to be printed in the next issue... tentatively. I don't want to get too excited because it's a newspaper, and news trumps editorials all the time. They also seemed receptive to my pitch of book reviews. The school paper lacks a deep Arts section; they usually just run little articles on movies or video games. I pitched reviews on new books, which means I'm going to have to start reading newer books.

I'm going to start with Jonathan Franzen's Freedom, of which I wrote 1500 words in the fall of last year. I know that Freedom isn't new, per se, but it was the biggest book of last year. I'm also going to try and read more nonfiction. University students like their politics, so I want to cater to that audience.

I'm currently reading Steve Coll's Ghost Wars, which is a Pulitzer Prize winning history of the CIA's involvement in Afghanistan from the 1979 uprising all the way up to September 11, 2001. It's 700 pages, so I'm not that confident I'm going to read it very quickly.

So check back in this space for a link to your favourite blogger in print! Yes, in print! Who says newspapers are a dying medium?

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