Monday, March 28, 2011

May 2nd Election

Oh god. An election. Do we really need one?

So for those out there in the audience that don't know, or haven't heard, the Liberals forced a vote of non-confidence in Parliament. The Conservatives, the minority government, dissolved the government and called an election for May 2nd. This is all due to the proposed budget from the Conservatives.

This is the fourth election in seven years for Canada, and frankly, it's bewildering that we even need an election. I'm officially predicting that the results will be roughly the same as the previous election, a Conservative minority government, and Stephen Harper will be our Prime Minister until he does something royally stupid.

I can't believe that the Liberals and the NDP think they are strong enough to take on the Conservatives. First of all, Michael Ignatieff is one of the weakest political leaders I've ever seen. He's a nice guy, and I like his background, but as leader of the opposition, he's done nothing substantial enough to become a presence. Even though in Canada, we vote for an MP in a riding, in reality, most of us are voting for a party and the figurehead of that party. I can't in good conscience vote for the Liberals because they - frankly - have their heads far too up their own asses. They're not doing anything remotely important or substantial. They're merely bitching in Parliament about how corrupt the Conservatives are. Yes, we know, Liberals. You all are. But anyways.

A coalition government still isn't going to work either. The NDP will never get enough seats to get even a minority, and the Liberals are just going to run around like chickens with their heads cut off, stumbling around blindly while the Conservatives cackle and rub their hands together in the corner.

Yes, this is very astute and methodical political discourse I'm entering into.

Anyway, I'm voting for the NDP in my riding, who is Pat Martin, a guy who's had the job for eons. My parents are going to vote NDP because the Liberal candidate in their riding is an idiot and their Conservative MP is against gay marriage.

This election is going to cost money and it's not worth it when the outcome is assured from the beginning.

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