Friday, March 18, 2011

The Switch

I wrote 1500 words about the sexual politics of Easy A earlier today. I know that seems like a lot, but I have really strong opinions about things. If you haven't noticed. Anyway, I decided to watch The Switch, a romantic comedy starring two of my favouritest actors, Jason Bateman and Patrick Wilson. Jennifer Aniston's in it as well, but she's just a womb in the movie. Almost literally. The movie has its cute moments, but it's too stuck in romcom stereotypes to be funny. There's your review. Done.

Instead of writing 1500 words about The Switch, I'm going to post hot pictures of Jason Bateman and Patrick Wilson, both of whom I desperately want to be friends with. They're both ludicrously funny and exhilaratingly handsome. So here you are, sexy pictures of men instead of a review of a film. See? I can be sexist too.

They're just so fucking hot. I would totally do them. Nothing looks hotter than a man in a suit. Thanks for reading.

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