Wednesday, April 27, 2011


I tried my hand at painting with watercolours. Here's a grainy photo taken by my phone of my only second completed watercolour. It's not terrible. I found I was struggling to get good brushstrokes going without making it look like brushstrokes. Oh well. It's all practice, I suppose. You'll notice that I changed my header image to that of In Bed: The Kiss by Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec, one of my favourite painters of all time. I have renewed interest in art, especially 19th century art, which coincides with my nonstop reading of 19th century lit. Anyways, this watercolour is only one of four paintings I've ever done in my adult life. Enjoy

And here's the next one, inspired by the Ithaca scene in Ulysses, which I've made reference to before. This one isn't as good as the other one, I think. I even painted another one, of a mask, but I hate it. It looks like an alien's head. Oh well. It's all practice. Here's the Ithaca painting, starring Leopold Bloom and Stephen Daedalus.

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