Thursday, July 28, 2011

Trailer for Amazing Spider-Man

I've said before that the second and third parts of a trilogy are always my favourite. There's a reason for this. Generally, with more installments, the creators get to iron out the wrinkles and focus on what made the first one good. That is to say that they get to improve upon the previous; practice makes perfect and all that. The other reason why I prefer the middle and final parts is that I don't like origin stories. The first part of a trilogy, or even the first part of a movie is all about setting the pieces up and moving them into position. It's a waiting game in which I sit there annoyed because I know that the plucky reporter and the cop who plays by his own rules will eventually team up, regardless of their shared animosity. The set-up is the least interesting part of a movie.

When I watch the Spider-Man movies, I don't watch the first one. I'm so intimately familiar with his origin that it's incredibly tedious to sit through that movie. That, and the second one is simply a masterpiece. So why then are we getting a new Spider-Man movie that fucking rehashes the third most well-known origin in the history of superheroes (only Batman and Superman are more familiar)?

The trailer for this movie does two things to me: bores me because it's an origin story, and depresses me because the filmmakers have totally forgotten that Parker is a wiseass and makes jokes at all the wrong times. Instead, he looks like an emo llama.

What surprises can be held in this movie? That his parents were actually secret agents? Yawn. Already done. Or that his parents are involved in the genetic manipulation that inadvertently gives Parker his powers? Yawn again.

Everybody knows his origin. Tell some new stories, please. I don't want to be that jaded internet guy who is never happy and never pleased, so I will no doubt see this movie hoping to be entertained. If anything, at least the special effects will be worlds ahead of 2002's Spider-Man. I just hope it doesn't depress or bore me.

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