Wednesday, December 7, 2011

David Bowie - "Someone Up There Likes Me"

I have gone on a fairly big Bowie kick the past few weeks. I've always liked Bowie, but he's not somebody that I immediately reach for when wanting something to listen to. I decided to give Young Americans and Let's Dance a re-listen, if only because they are aggressively more commercial. However, in my ever-present pop apologia, I've decided that both albums are, in fact, masterpieces. Especially Young Americans. That saxophone! Those backup harmonies! Bowie's "live" singing - sometimes done with one take! Long story short, Bowie is a God.

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Unknown said...

I love Let's Dance! The title track is what first got me into Bowie (accidentally - I though I'd bought a Hawkwind cd, when I got home I opened it to find a Bowie cd & dvd inside - I'm not complaining.) Eventually bought Let's Dance and now the album's usually on repeat, could listen to China Girl forever.