Thursday, February 16, 2012

Things I like right now

In an attempt to stay positive, I am going to list 10 things that I am happy with.

1. My job

I like my job. It's stress-relieving, it's fun, I love the people I work with, and work enables me to make people laugh and to laugh with them. It's low-responsibility and I am given copious amounts of freedom. Nobody bosses me around and nobody treats me like shit. Plus, summer is coming and that means patio season!

2. My size

I am lean and I fit in all sorts or awesome clothes. I really like my wardrobe and I like dressing nice. I have been slowly purchasing summer shoes over the course of winter when summer shoes are cheap and on sale so when the season arrives, I can retire my dirty winter shoes. I am excited to wear my white jeans again.

3. Friday Night Tradition

About six weeks ago, five of us sat at the bar at work from about 2 pm to 2 am on a Friday night. We had a lot of fun, told a lot of jokes and got really drunk. The next week we repeated it, but with more people (and instead of 12 hours, we started at about 8 or 9). And the next week we repeated it. Last Friday, there were over 30 people that we had brought down for the Friday Night Tradition. It shapes our week in that come Thursday, we start talking about it and come Saturday, we work hungover! This week I am going hard because last week I didn't participate at all.

4. Cultural Studies

I am deeply invested in analysis of culture right now, as you can tell from the past month's postings. I am interested in analyzing what makes us tick, and I don't mean "culture" as in high art or whatever. Culture is everything and it is deeply complicit with psychology. I am finding it really rewarding to engage with culture on a different level, higher, so that I can see the entire picture and make tentative conclusions on why we do the things we do.

5. Happy Endings

Yes, the TV show. I didn't think that I had the time or the desire to invest in another sitcom, but there you have it. It's a show that works because of its actors and quality of writing, rather than plot or situation. The premise is intensely boring, but it's where the actors have taken it that makes the show good. With Always Sunny in Philadelphia, the plot is paramount and the characters are simply caricatures. Happy Endings uses the characters to shape the narrative and how they interact. Sort of similar to How I Met Your Mother (which I stopped watching a while ago). Plus, as Happy Endings continues, the jokes become deeper but still superficially satisfying. I can't really explain without referencing a specific joke. Anyways, the show is good.

6. M83

I have been listening to M83 for the past couple weeks on repeat. I started with their newest album, Hurry Up We're Dreaming, but I've now extended it to their other albums. There's something about their large canvas and ethereal and oneiric style. It's beautiful and compelling.

7. The Venture Brothers

Despite my love affair with the second and third season of Venture Bros, I never really got around to watching the fourth season, which starts out fairly weak. But I purchased the complete fourth season on Blu-Ray (because I couldn't download any good copies) and watched it fairly quickly over the course of a week. It's not as good as the third season, but it is quite funny and quite complex. I love that the show never holds the viewer's hand. If you don't remember what happened to Billy the Quiz-Boy's eye and hand, that's too bad for you. There are many examples in the show where you must simply remember everything in order to stay on top of things. Plus, the show is increasingly successful in providing emotional change over more than one episode. Arcs tend to develop now, and that's a good thing. Too bad the show isn't as prolific, but that might be in its favour.

8. Certain classes

I admit to not loving a couple of my classes, due to the prof, or the subject matter or both. But in three of my classes, I am having a great time and I don't want to skip, and if I do it is due to wanting to sleep. My Victorian class is fantastic, as is my Critical Theory class. I don't love my Canadian lit class, but the prof is fantastic. It's the students in the class that make the Can Lit class irritating - but I want to stay positive in this post. I absolutely adore two of my profs, even if one of them is rude to me.

9. Sushi

God I can't get enough sushi to be honest. I buy it often. It's such a delicious meal or snack. I love all kinds of sushi.

10. The League

When I asked, "hey what's The League about" and I was told it was about a fantasy football league, I immediately said "no thanks". Luckily, I gave the show a try. It's less about sports than it is about the dynamics of friendship, especially in the competition that men put each other through. The show is absolutely hilarious, in part due to the semi-improvisational format and the cast is stellar. I love The League. It's a consistently funnier sitcom than even It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia. I can't wait for Season 4!

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