Sunday, March 4, 2012

I'm not the only one who thinks...

...that our society has changed and not necessarily for the better. The title of this image from Graphjam is "Why Our Society Sucks" and I'm not fully sure if I disagree with the hyperbole. There is something fundamentally wrong with our society in which the people that need our help the most are the ones with the least amount of access to that help. My theory is that we are embarrassed about our shortcomings on the societal level. We are embarrassed to see homeless people or disadvantaged people as they remind us that we cannot achieve perfection, despite our attempts. Therefore, we internalize that and our external manifestation of it is a hypersensitivity to animals, am over-empathizing. Instead of feeling bad about people dying in film, we feel bad about the animals so that we do not have to face the idea that we should be feeling bad about the humans.

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