Wednesday, March 7, 2012

The Rolling Stones - "Don't Stop"

Normally I present these songs without comment. This time, I just want to mention that if you wanted to write a masterpiece of a disposable pop song, with a meaty riff, a catchy melody and an infectious chorus, then look no further. "Don't Stop", though not my favourite Stones song, is an absolute masterclass in crafting pop music. I am a gigantic pop music apologist, and it is my dream to write and perform pop songs. If I ever write anything as catchy as "Don't Stop" I could die happy. It's crazy to think that this song was composed in 2001, thus putting it in the late late stage of the Stones' career. Mick Jagger often gets most of the credit for the Stones' popularity, and even though this song is mostly a Jagger composition, Keith Richards' electrifying guitar skills must be mentioned. I need to find the Richards to my Jagger.

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