Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Batman and Math

The blast radius of the neutron bomb is said to be 6 miles. Batman must fly the bomb over the bay six miles in order to save the city. He has two minutes on the clock. How fast is The Bat flying in order to save the city?

6 miles / 2 minutes : x miles / 60 minutes
2x = 360
x = 180 miles per hour

Helicopter speeds average somewhere between 120 knots (222kph / 138mph) and 140 knots (260kph / 161mph). But, one helicopter, called the Lynx managed to hit 249 miles per hour. If we assume that Lucius Fox's "Applied Sciences" department invested in high end military grade vehicles and equipment, it stands to reason that The Bat would be a little bit more high end than the average copter.

Thus, it's possible that Batman can fly a neutron bomb into a harbour within two minutes. But if he hadn't spent all the time making the giant bat-symbol made of gasoline (or other accelerant) he would've been able to have more time.

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