Thursday, February 28, 2013

Book Review Round-Up

'Sometimes when I go with you into those old, empty houses I think that all the people who ever lived in them are still there, watching and listening. The night we went to look at that house on College Avenue, while you were down in the cellar with the light, I was so frightened I couldn't even call you. I remembered the old lady who used to live there, and all the time I was standing in the hall, the wind was blowing, and the branches of the trees were creaking, and I thought I could hear her crying and scratching with her nails against the walls, as if she were trying to get back in again where all her memories were. I couldn't live in such a house.'

Sorry, I can't be arsed to write full or even half write-ups of these novels. Suffice it to say that I loved all six of these books, especially Boyden's debut (of which I've written almost 8,000 words for school). The above quote comes from John Marlyn's novel, which I read only because it was set in Winnipeg (my hometown). With each Pat Barker novel I read, I'm convinced she's one of the best English authors of the 20th century. Also, Daniel Woodrell is my new favourite author and in 2013, will probably be the most read author. Here's the list.

Under the Ribs of Death
by John Marlyn

Give Us a Kiss by Daniel Woodrell

Border Crossing by Pat Barker

Three Day Road by Joseph Boyden

The New Centurions by Joseph Wambaugh

The Quality of Mercy by Barry Unsworth

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