Sunday, May 26, 2019

May Reads Part Two

While the Black Stars Burn by Lucy A. Snyder
The King in Yellow by Robert W. Chambers
Year's Best Weird Fiction Volume 2 edited by Kathe Koja and Michael Kelly
The Marrow Thieves by Cherie Dimaline
The Expert System's Brother by Adrian Tchaikovsky

I don't think I've read any pieces from Snyder previous to this collection, her second, called While the Black Stars Burn. But I have her Stoker Award-nominated third collection on order already as I liked this one a lot. Like so many compilations, not everything is a home run, but when Snyder is cooking, she's really cooking (if I might mix my metaphors). This collection runs the whole generic gamut, from dark fantasy, to science fiction, to horror and horror pastiches, all the way up to (a very pleasant surprise) a Seventh Doctor and Ace story at the end. There's a five story stretch in this 13 story collection where I thought Snyder had hit her stride. From the gruesome "Through Thy Bounty" all the way to the two-part Lovecraftian nightmare ("The Abomination of Fensmere" and "The Girl with the Star-Stained Soul"), Snyder completely astonished me. The five stories (the other two being "Cthylla" and the title story, a very knowing ode to Robert W. Chambers) range from science fiction to horror and back. Anyway, I'm looking forward to reading more.

I haven't felt much like writing recently, so here's one sentence reviews of the other books.

- The King in Yellow was like nothing I'd ever read before and was amazing.

- The highlights of Year's Best Weird Fiction Volume 2 were Nick Mamatas and Carmen Maria Machado

- The Marrow Thieves was one of the better written YA novels I've read but its science fictional elements were poorly integrated and its novum made no sense

- The Expert System's Brother works in one of my favourite subgenres: fantasy setting turns out to be science fictional.

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